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The Secret to Being Frank available from the 2nd October 2013


Expecting as I was, from reading extracts about this book, a gruesome account of a serial killer’s career profile, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how exquisitely the author writes. The progression of the psychopathic development of the serial killer was interspersed with fine detailed depiction of the social history of the times. It was expertly interwoven with some of the finest characterisation I have read in a long while. Even some of the most joyless and sullen characters are portrayed with such empathy that they come to life through some graphic and vivid descriptions.
Even the worst of the scenes involving rape and torture are lent credence by an attention to the detailed thought processes of the victims and other characters. Not only does the picture unfold, but the in-depth thoughts and feelings skilfully written by the author shows a realistic descent into madness wrought by evil that leaves us in no doubt.
I sat on comfortable ground when Frank became a police officer and his antics as a probationary officer, depicting the life in a typical police force of years ago, had me smiling as well as wondering ‘did they really do that?’
It is quite a remarkable book. One of those books that you want to read slowly, not just to savour the exquisite descriptive prose and turn of phrase, but also you just don’t want the book to end. There is so much about this book that further gains my praise. It is full of knowledge and facts about the era it portrays. What stood out for me was the style of writing and the fact that the author ignores all known conventions that surround the art. He is a breath of fresh air making writing an art form and not constricted by all the dos and don’ts of convention that constrain the conformist writer, binding them to the ‘science’ of writing. Joe Leslie is a true wordsmith and an artist flaunting convention at every turn of the page, producing a piece of written art.
I loved it to the point of excitement. It is not often that one can say ‘beautifully written’, but this was indeed that. Long may he be true to himself and his stories. The unconventional finish to this wonderful book was the declaration that it is the first of a Trilogy. Yay! Can’t wait. Pat McDonald



Being Frank

 The Second novel from the trilogy will be  available in the spring of 2014. Chapters from 'Being Frank' will be posted on this website.  This novel follows on from 'The Secret to Being Frank'. With that in mind I would like to invite the readers of the first novel to forward any suggestions that you may have to include in the second novel. The best suggestion will form part of the plot. The novel will also be dedicated to the reader responsible and a hard cover of the book will be forwarded and signed by the author. This will be the only book containing my signature. The extent of a THANK YOU prize is determined by the success of the second novel. Please send me an email. This facility is available on the CONTENT section of this website. Thank you dear reader for visiting this website    


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 The Secret to Being Frank


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