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                                The Phantom Writer Interview


                            What are you working on right now?

In essence, my insanity, in truth working on the second novel of the trilogy that follows ‘The Secret to Being Frank’. As an apprentice author, I like standing on the edge, it can be an extraordinary experience in the rain. The next novel,
‘Being Frank’ has somewhat defined my approach to this interview. Honesty can make you vulnerable. However, the Phantom Writer deserves nothing less.

                       Can you tell us a little something about it?


Although we all live in an essentially beautiful world, I decided that in order to appreciate the lighter shades of reality you have to appreciate the darker sides of human behaviour. The trilogy follows the protagonist Frank Macleod
from adolescence to maturity when he joins the police force.
His experience of social mayhem introduces the reader to his personality. At the point where he joins the police, Macleod is headstrong, somewhat aggressive with an addictive personality. His unusual and unorthodox style of policing facilitates his progress to CID where he confronts a serial killer Samuel John. For the first time an adult fictional psychological thriller taking place in Wales, explores the heritage of that nation. The Myth and legend of ‘damashealladh’, second sight and the immortality of the Gaelic soul has found a home in modern storytelling. This novel is more than a dark thriller; genre is the clothing that every novel wears. In this book, the clothing is merely a disguise. It answers the paradoxical question of the ‘who, why and what if’ regarding the characters.

                Tell us, why do you write? Where do you draw your inspiration?


After spending forty years in the police force, I still care about the safety of the public. Understanding will never cure evil intent but it could help to cope with the incomprehensible dark side of human behaviour. Story telling can also be a powerful tool to understanding. Creating anything that has personal meaning requires courage. When I started writing an uncompromising voice whispered in his ear. It told him to reject the safe way of writing, tell it like it is, and treat the reader with respect.

           When I write, I require Jaffa cakes. Do you have a writing must have?


Believe it or not, when I write I have the X rated version of ‘Ted’ the talking teddy bear from the movie on my desk. When I make a mistake or question my ability, I gently press his right paw and ‘Ted’ delivers the most obscene critique imaginable. Peter Griffin’s voice always triggers the laugh centre in my brain. I can feel the urge to laugh fizzing like champagne on my tongue.


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 The Secret to Being Frank (2nd October,2013)


Being Frank (2014)


Lets Be Frank (2015)



 The Secret to Being Frank


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