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                                     Moses Black (Pioneer of forensic criminology)


From the moment, that he and his twin sister Sally attempted to stand up together, their relationship epitomised an intimate bond only experienced by twins. When Sally immigrated to California, it came as no surprise that Moses followed in her footsteps. Black lectured in medicine at the University of California.


At this stage, he became interested in forensic criminology and played a fundamental role in the inauguration of the first school of Criminology. In 1962, he published the Journal of Forensic Science. A year later his critique Criminal Investigation focused on physical evidence and blood pattern analysis at crime scenes. In 1965, Sally died in a car crash and Moses accompanied her coffin back to Wales. As a consultant with the Royal College of Pathologists, he concentrated and improved standards regarding the integrity of evidence at crime scenes. He also volunteered his services as on-call pathologist in order to gauge existing police practice at the sharp end. The novel takes the reader through his historical authentic approach at the scene and subsequent pathology.


It also describes his unusual interaction with his dead sister.


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 The Secret to Being Frank


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