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My Life as a Writer

Born in 1943, the author had a tainted yet revering upbringing. At the age of
three the Celtic colour of love in his mother’s eyes still made him believe
despite the tragic death of his father. In 1966 the long arm of the law
liberated the author from the hardship prevalent in Ebbw Vale, Gwent. During
forty years’ experience with the police he encountered the darker shades of life
lurking in the futility of riotous behaviour, terrorism and bloody homicide.
Later in his career he introduced national projects in liaison with the local
Crown Persecution Service and Magistrates Court Centre. Meanwhile, his addictive
personality watched as the increase in ‘Decree Nisi’ spiralled to a new level of
harm. Finally hope in the guise of Joanne reached out for the alcoholic’s hand
and showed him the way to reality, friedship and love. In retirement he thought
about writing a novel. An eerie demanding voice whispered in his ear, it told
him to reject any safe way of writing, don’t follow the crowd. An unforgiving
past pointed him in the right direction, tell it like it is, treat the reader
with respect. The author lives with his wife in the heart of Celtic Mythology in
Carmarthen, the birthplace of Merlin the Magician. Joe is currently working on 'Being Frank, the second novel of the trilogy.


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 The Secret to Being Frank (2nd October,2013)


Being Frank (2014)


Lets Be Frank (2015)



 The Secret to Being Frank


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