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                                                 Samuel John


She looked at the cold-blooded killer and recognised him for what he was. His dysfunctional upbringing had turned him into a dominant psychopath, a mental monster who killed lesser beings because he wanted to. John only heard one voice in his head, his own. He considered himself fearless and unstoppable. In truth, he was really killing himself but, in essence, the victim died. In his opinion, he participated in the natural desire within us all. Only he had the courage to cross the line. It was all so senseless, his insanity made sense.


John examined the solid steel surgical scalpel. He touched the tip of the triangular blade with his forefinger. The point was razor sharp. Making a brutal, hurried stabbing incision, pausing for effect, John started cutting through the skin from the lower part of the abdomen to the anus to expose the intestines. West could feel the sharp-pointed blade slicing through the skin, muscles, fat, and nerve endings. Undeterred by the continual frantic screams, methodically John hacked away at the long tubular intestine attached to the inner wall of his stomach. Nerve tissues absorbing the pain and the loss of blood induced a state of shock and the victim’s heartbeat went spiralling down. 


He stared at his reflection in the rear view mirror. Was there any point in denying the very thing that formed part of his living self, a reality that he had to accept? On the balance of probabilities, John thought he was ill rather than in the wrong, a sexual addict, not a sexual predator. A fine point perhaps, but that was his preference. Could he control and suppress his compulsion to kill? NO? At that very moment, if he had the opportunity to press a magical button to stop his death drive, would he do it, would he press the button and walk away? NO? If he turned his back on the destruction of the objects that deserved it, inevitably, he would turn on himself. The death drive would end with his demise.


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 The Secret to Being Frank


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