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                                         CHARACTERS IN THE NOVEL

                                                    Frank Macleod
                                              (Detective and Protagonist)

The initial stages of the book reveals the early years of the protagonist from adolescence to maturity. The magic of camaraderie evident in the steel town where he lives reaches an uneasy compromise when he encounters unmitigated adversity. Survival at any cost seems to be his only alternative.


Gradually through the impact of the experience of social mayhem, the reader is aware of the changes in his personality. At the point where he joins the Gwent Police Force, the protagonist is headstrong, somewhat aggressive with an addictive personality.


His unusual and unorthodox style of policing facilitates his progress to CID. He continues to explore his addiction to sexual activity. At this stage, he encounters Samuel John. Frank also has the involuntary hereditary gift of ‘damashealladh’, second sight. On occasions, he can see danger that happens in the future. Consequently, he is vulnerable to epileptic fits. The propensity to see danger can involve anyone except the detective,


                                                   Samuel John

                                       (Serial Killer and Antagonist)

Samuel John, a psychopath carefully plans and succeeds in taking on the role of teacher at the local school for all the wrong reasons. He uses this status in order to satisfy his compulsion to kill. Character profiling explains the extent of his transgression and appetite to dehumanise his victims.

Implicit dialogue on the iniquity of John answers the ‘who and why’ that has made him a serial killer.
The novel explores his dysfunctional childhood. Graphic descriptive accounts based on Albert De Salvo, Kemper, Bundy and in particular the ‘Lipstick Killer’ William Heirens are prevalent throughout the plot.

The way in which he considers himself fearless and unstoppable even succeeds his perceived intellect.


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