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                                                                       Moses and Sally

‘The first thing I remember after the car crash was looking down at my body still in the car. It was strange seeing me for the first time in three-dimensional form. I then had the feeling of something drawing me into a stream of light. For some reason I knew the light was beyond visible light. There was no light absorption, colour or reflection. The intensity of it was so bright it looked as if infinity was lit up with a million fluorescent tubes. When the energy absorbed me, somehow I became aware that the light knew all about me, just as I know everything about you. However, there was something more hypnotic. The light embraced me like, like the warm hands of a loving parent, I felt pure emotion.

The only explanation I can give is that something was giving me all the love I could possibly take in. I could distinctly feel something inviting me into the second light where I knew I would experience a kind of love beyond description. The most amazing feeling of belonging brushed my consciousness. I knew that once I embraced the second light I could not return. I could yield to it any time, but once I accepted it, I could not return.’


Moses seemed apprehensive. ‘What did you decide to do, Sally?’


‘Moses as they say, I decided to take a rain check.’




‘I could ask you the same question. Why do you think I knew about the non-return clause? I think it was a reciprocal statement to a pre-ordained decision. The choice I had really was no choice at all. The funny thing was I knew I was going to turn it down even before the asking.’


Black reflected on her explanation. ‘Unfortunately, sister, your explanation does not answer my question.’


What about this my clever brother, I believe, and so do, you that everything happens for a purpose. My death, my rejection to move on, has happened for a purpose. I know there is no devil or purgatory waiting on the other side. At least I have never experienced it. All you feel is the profound love of an omnipotent God with no strings attached and no hidden agenda.’



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